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All of the pram liners are made with a polyester wadding unless you opt for the 100% cotton wadding.

100% cotton wadding option $8.50 extra.

You have the option of having your pram liner made with 100% cotton wadding instead of the polyester wadding.

The 100% cotton wadding is very thin and light, great for babies with sensitive skin, allergies and eczema.

The differences between the  polyester and cotton wadding are:

Polyester wadding:

  • Is soft, padded and adds comfort to your baby
  • Allows airflow, stops mildew and helps with allergies
  • machine washable

100% cotton wadding

  • breathable wadding
  • great for babies with sensitive skin, allergies  and eczema
  • machine washable
  • thin and lighter – not padded at all.

Does having the cotton wadding make it padded?

Having the cotton wadding makes your pram liner very flat, and not padded at all.

Can you put both polyester and cotton wadding inside the one pram liner?

Unfortunately both the polyester and the cotton wadding can’t go inside the one pram liner.
It will be too difficult to sew together.