frequently asked questions

How long do orders take?

All Mini Happy Me products are made by hand and are made to order.
Unless it is a Ready to Post item – it will say this in the description.

Please click here to see the current wait time for orders:
Current wait time

Do you ship Internationally?

We currently only ship within Australia.

How do custom orders work?

You can go directly to the product you are after, eg: pram liners for Mountain Buggy.

You will see a blue “Custom Order”  product. There you can select your two preferred fabrics, wadding option (a soft polyester wadding or a flat 100% cotton wadding) and a waterproof fabric -PUL option, etc.

what do you put inside the pram liners?

The pram liners have the option of either hypoallergenic polyester wadding or a 100% cotton wadding inside.

The differences between the  polyester and cotton wadding are:

Hypoallergenic polyester wadding:

  • Is very soft and padded, adds comfort to your baby
  • Allows airflow, stops mildew and helps with allergies
  • machine washable

100% cotton wadding

  • breathable wadding
  • great for babies with sensitive skin, allergies  and eczema
  • machine washable
  • thin and lighter – not padded

can I send you my own fabric to make a pram liner with?

Unfortunately I don’t make liners with fabric supplied in case of a mistake, hole, mark or something happening to your fabric whilst in my care ~ I wouldn’t be able to replace it for you in that case.

New fabrics are being added to the fabric Gallery list every month.

Are the pram liners are nonslip?

Most of the pram liners have a hood that slips over the top of the seat to stop it from sliding down.

Others have Velcro tabs that you can connect to the Velcro on the back of the seat.

Some pram seat don’t allow for either of these, it will let you know in the description of the pram whether it has a hood or Velcro tabs.

Are the items machine washable?

Yes all mini happy me products are gentle machine wash and immediate line dry.

Tumble drying is not  recommended because it can shrink and damage the  wadding inside the pram liner.

All products have care label with washing instructions.

I don't need the harness strap covers will the pram liner be cheaper?

When you buy the pram liner the strap covers are included for free.

They are made in the same 2 fabrics that your pram liner is made in.

All you do is turn them inside out to match the front of your pram liner.

You can keep them as a spare set when your other set goes into the wash  or use them in the car seat, capsule, etc.

Do the head supports fit into my capsule?

Yes the head supports are a universal fit and will fit into all capsules, reversible car seats, and prams.

They are not to be used in the cot, bassinets or cribs.

Do the pram liners fit into car seats or capsules?

The pram liners won’t fit into the car seats or capsules as they are too large.

The head supports will fit into the capsule and reversible car seats.

do you have pickup available?

Unfortunately there are no pickup options available, all items are posted out using Australia post.