What is PUL waterproof fabric?

A layer of PUL waterproof fabric can be added to your pram liner for an extra $7.

What is PUL : Polyurethane Laminate

The PUL I use is a very thin waterproof layer of fabric that is of very high-quality and will withstand thousands of washes.

It won’t crack or split under any condition.

It is not Scotch guarding and cannot be used on the outside of the pram liners or the footmuff covers.

PUL is great for toilet training accidents or drink spills, it stops any liquids seeping through the pram liner onto your prams seat.

That means you don’t have to wash your pram seat, you just throw the pram liner in the washing¬† machine.

A small amount of liquid may come through the crotch hole in the pram liner because that’s where baby’s bottom is, but it won’t be the whole amount coming through.

Adding the PUL to your pram liner won’t make it noisy or crunchy or hot, it is “breathable” as it is made with a woven fabric, modern nappies are made with PUL.